Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fun Day at the Dentist

Nope, not me… I don’t like dentist… and with a false plate, I don’t have to go anymore… so far….
But the King had to go down to get a temp cap on a tooth…

While there waiting for him (2 flaming hours) …there were lots of people in and out.. and because it was after school… there were a lot of kids.

One parent was there filling out a paper on the clipboard with her son. Who it was pretty obvious that he was not happy being there.  She was running thru questions. How often do you brush your teeth? How often do you floss
your teeth… he was getting pretty irritated with her… especially when he answered one of them with twice a day, and she question his answer …and he said MOM!! Geesh. It was also kind of in the line she was having
fun embarrassing him… Then she handed in the paper..

About 15 minutes later… out comes a woman and she sits down by the woman with the son… and by the conversation, I caught on that She was the woman’s mother…   Who made a few comments… that embarrassed the woman… of which the son was smiling, as the woman said.. Mom, shh… lol…

Then at the end of the day, a middle age couple came in.  A few exchanges of words and then he said… you are going in with me, aren't you?  She looked at him in disbelief… and said.. you are kidding right?
And then told him, they don’t allow anyone in with you while you are being worked on. His name was called and he got up and said to the nurse.. my wife can come in with me, can’t she? And the nurse said, oh yea, there is an extra chair in there.. He smiled… and she didn't, as she got up to follow them..

Yep, fun day at the dentist…it is when you aren't the one going in.   


Thanh Arnett said...

It’s sad that you feel differently about dentists, but I understand though. Some of us have had bad experiences with dentists that traumatized us. I had the same experience many moons ago, but going to a different dentist changed my point of view. My dentist is very professional, and if he sees that his patient is becoming uncomfortable with the procedure, he would stop and find ways to make it more relaxing. Not all dentists are alike. =)

Thanh Arnett

Blue Springs Dental Arts said...

Not all dentists are alike. You could try visiting another dentist, it might change your point of view.xx

Word Tosser said...

Arnett... you didn't get the point.. first it wasn't me who went in.. second it was my husband and he did well and likes his dentist.. my comments were about the people in the waiting room..