Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why are we against happiness?

This past week a coach got criticized because he danced on the basketball court. Why is it so bad to celebrate? Be it a football player or a basketball coach.  The coach deserved to celebrate. He had a very stressful 3 days.

His wife was rush to the hospital just hours after arrival in the city. Went thru an emergency operation. The coach was torn between doing both…being the his wife’s side and coaching his team. Then the team won their games. And He got word that his wife was going to fine. So in a release
of stress and happiness colliding …he danced! Who wouldn't? I sure would have.
Dance on Coach Buzz Williams!!

Some think it is unsportmanship to celebrate making a touchdown.. but it isn't about going na …na.. to the other team.. It is thank God I made it over the goal line. What is wrong with that? 

And then there is a Florida homeowners association that has decided to ban all outdoor playing. No skateboards, no roller blading, no bikes, no ball playing.. No only in the streets, but in the common ground. Why not put a sign at the beginning of the housing area.. NO CHILDREN ALLOWED.. NOT EVEN TO VISIT.  Going with the old adage..

What the heck is wrong with being happy? When I see someone who is so happy, or celebrating.. I am happy for them.. God knows there is enough to be sad about these days… To to be happy enough to sing, or dance or
let out a howl… that is wonderful. 

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