Thursday, March 07, 2013

Rearing to go...

I feel like I am all dressed up and nowhere to go..
Like I am in high gear and someone has the brakes on.
I got the fever, and got shot down.

Monday was wonderful.. The sun was out all day long.
I worked outside from about 10am to 2pm.. even the dog
basked in the sun.  I got a lot done. And it was just the tip of
the work to be done yet..

I restrained myself from uncovering my rose bushes.. I didn’t
cut the ones back that need it..I didn’t cut back the clematic like I did last year… Nope… I was good.  

See, last year we had two weeks of high 40s and low 50’s. I
thought … wow, early spring!!!  OH, SO… NOT!!!!...  
As the following week we had  8 inches of snow. Lost two rose bushes.. two more were very late in growing and budding, that I thought they were dead.
And the clematis was only half of what it had been the past years.
Nope this year, I am going to be good…. And patience..

So go ahead and snow, I know it will be gone by the weekend.. And I know it will be at least a month before I can really get going, but I dabble a little bit … when it warms up this weekend.

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