Monday, March 04, 2013

To Accept the Things I Cannot Change....

To accept the things I cannot change....

We all know the  Serenity Prayer... God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the 
things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. 
I know it is used as a  sobriety prayer but it can pertain to life 
as well. 

This past week and weekend has really brought this prayer to a more meaningful thought.
With the way that Congress is handling itself, and their disregard for all of us, this prayer comes to mind.. They talk about entitlements.. but the only ones I see, are the Congress personal themselves. They make rules and policies that we don't have input.. but that isn't bad enough.. but they make rules and policies for us.. and not for them to follow. The rules are different for them.. their insurance is different than ours.. they have their own private retirement yet don't have any of it in the Social Security systems.. yet they call us the entitlement group.. They tell us to tighten out belts up, but they never do it to themselves.

All of this, is things I have finally decided, (where the prayer 
comes in)  to accept the things I cannot change.  courage to 
change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.  
To know the difference is where I was confused or at least had hope.  At this stage of my life... I know, I can not change what 
the government does. Congress will do as they pleased.  We don't seem to be able to find a few good men/women... or maybe that is the trouble.. we can only find a very few... but again that is overruled by other states. They send year after year... people 
who could only care if they get re-elected. Not for the country..
but to feather their beds.  You say, well, we should have term limits. Well, that is the biggest joke on us, of all.  Because the 
only way you can even get term limits... is if CONGRESS 
VOTES IT IN..  Well, good luck with that.  Out of those 500+ people there in that building.. how many do you seriously think 
are going to vote for term limits?  You see how many times 0. 
The only ones talking about it, is US...  These people have 
decided it is a career ... it was never meant to be a career.

So I have decided.. yes, I will read the garbage that the media 
keeps spieling out from time to time...half truths and spins.... 
(I wonder what ever happen to FACTS?) But I am not going to make it my life...not even a half of my life.. it will be low percentage.

For you see, I found out last week a friend died last Nov. He 
died by himself until his mail person found him.. what a sad 
way to go... Another blogger has had a stroke, but she is holding 
her own. This woman wrote poetry that I enjoyed reading..
I HATE POETRY. Hers made sense and made me laugh.  
Luckily her family has left her blog up so I can go revisit.   I 
also have a friend who has been fighting cancer for 7 long 
years.. Chemo, radiation, and back to chemo again.  My gal 
pal, fell on the ice and broke her ankle. I have been doing what 
I can for each of these ladies.. to lunch if they feel up to going 
out, taking to doctor appointments, taking them shopping when 
they can...  Another family in my world, is fighting for their 
lives for mental health... and prayers is all I can offer.

So who the HELL am I... to complain about anything... 
especially about things I can not doing anything about.  I am blessed many folds over. I have my health. I have a loving husband.. I have great kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids... 
and many good friends.. So why should I waste my time... 
on what I can not change.  So I have decided to enjoy the 
moment. Enjoy the laughter, I give and receive.  And hope the Master isn't done with this old piece of clay.

Enjoy the day... be it sunshine or rain. Be it cloudy, or snow.  
Be it a day of tears or laughter.. experience it all.    
And accept the things you can not change. 
And the wisdom to know the difference.

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Marianne Love said...

Comes a point in our journey when decisions such as yours provide the surest road to happiness and satisfaction with life.

Leaving behind the garbage is liberating-----'cept for that along the ditches, that is.

Enjoy your day.

Good to be home and it will be good to bask in the sunshine of the ZAGS this week.