Monday, March 11, 2013

No bounce in the carriage..or this white girl has no rhythm...

Saturday mornings are Zuma classes for me… My daughter makes me do it, (in the tune of the devil made me do it)… she says it is good for me.. Where did I miss the turn there.. It was my job to tell my kids what was good for them. Some
where I went around the corner and came back behind, with me being on the receiving end.

Every Saturday for the past 3 or 4 Saturdays… (it seems longer)… I drag my funky butt out of the bed… drink coffee.. find loose clothing… and head for SOUL TOWN FITNESS.   There is a sweet, bubbly (luckily I had my first cup of coffee or I would hate early morning bubbly) gal name Kathy Funk, (nothing to do with funky butts) who turns up the music and gets us rolling… hips that is.. and arms.  I must tell you that Kathy is a wonderful cheerful gal.. who really does
believe in all of this exercise bit. She is a prime example how it all works well for those who work out.  As a overweight woman, (she has the pictures to prove it.) is now a thin one… but not too thin.. bubbly fountain of cheer.  So anyone who lives local.. you are missing out, if you don’t go down and see what is going on there in Ponderay. There are classes for $7 for zumba… $10 for others.. or buy a discount card of 10… Or you can join the fitness club.  Very nice clean place.
While this sounds like a commercial, it isn’t.. it is a fact. And now you will know..that the below part of this.. is not Kathy’s fault… just that this white girl(me) has no rhythm.

I have never been a fan of exercise. Like different diets, I have done just about all the exercises of choices over the years… One I did really well, losing 50 pounds… it was a cassette tape that I did daily along with walking a mile to the
mail box.  I HATED THAT TAPE… I hated it the first day… and I hated it up to the 9th month when I quit doing it.  I looked GREAT!!!! I could fit in my teenager
son’s jeans… oh, yea… I looked great, well there were some who thought at 121 pounds I looked too thin… but I was so happy with myself… BUT…I hated that tape. I prayed each day for the cool down part to hurry up, and at the end,
where you lay on the floor and do some last stretches.. was the heaven part of it.

Now fast forward to 2013…. I am now 30 years older. And I kick myself all the way down to the fitness center… I HATE EXERCISING… I can think of a dozen reasons why I don’t have to go… But I walk in with a smile on my face, change
into my sneakers.. head to the room with bottle of water in hand.. and greet everyone… Not going to be a wet blanket.

So today, I am wiggling parts that haven’t for years, until the past couple weeks.
Trying to get the brain to coordinate my arms with my legs and hips.   And  not look like a disconnected puppet. I have to concentrate on one or the other and then try to get the other to join in… If I can get my hips and legs going in the right direction, then I try to get the arms and shoulders to do what it is suppose to do. Rarely works.. but I try.  I get frustrated as I don’t understand why this does not work well.. I use to be able to jump around.. now it is a shuffle… then it dawns on me…. MY CARRIAGE… MY CARRIAGE DOESN’T HAVE A BOUNCE IN IT ANYMORE… IT IS MORE LIKE A BUCKBOARD ON A RUTTED ROAD. 

I think, ok, I have gave this a good try.. but I am not going to do this anymore… I am comfortable with that… as we are doing the cool down to “SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME”…. Which I am handling pretty well.. after all, I had danced to that for years… and this was going to be my last dance..  ……………………..

And then… my daughter comes up to me… and says… ‘you are doing great, Mom. (yea, right… she honed in on my brain wave (kids do that when they are adults, like we use to do to them)  I know… she just wants to have me not give up and keep coming.. I am on to her…..  AND THEN… as I pay Kathy, she says… you are doing so great… I told her… I don’t think so… my carriage has no bounce… it is more of a buckboard …. And laughed.. She laughed and said.. no
Really you are doing well, and I am so glad you are coming…

Geesh, Maries… I don’t want to go back… I HATE EXERCISE.. oh, guess I already said that…  I walked out into the wonderful sunshine… thinking.. I don’t want to go back…. (and the little voice, sounding like my rotten kid, says.. but it is good for you….and you need to stretch your comfort zone.)  BUT I HATE EXERCISE…  I know.. I already said that… I am repeating myself.. I am old…I am allowed to do that.

So come Saturday morning.. we will see who wins out… I look forward to the end of the month.. as I will have a good excuse for not going… we are going out of town.  Lol…   

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Anonymous said...

You're doing great! So glad we get to have this fun together. :)