Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Men get so excited over nothing.

Last week, I decided to try an new recipe of oven fried chicken.
Went on line and found an easy recipe for it.

I followed it and then put it in the oven for dinner. I went over to my computer and shut down some of the pages I was working on.
Went to the back of the house shred a paper and came out to the living room.. Smelled a slight smoke smell… so went into the kitchen. Turn on the switch for the exhaust fan. And because for some reason, whenever we have smoke or smells from the kitchen, it flows thru the dining room to the back of the house. So I went back to shut the doors on the 3 back rooms.

As I came back to the kitchen I could see there was more smoke. I turn off the oven, open the back door right next to the oven. Walked to the front door in the living room and open that door. As I was heading back to the kitchen.. in enters THE KING.. Takes one look at the smoke
and starts to bellow .. 

THERE IS SMOKE POURING OUT OF THE OVEN. (good eyes) He opens the window (next on my list) and says ….
We need to call the Fire dept.  We need help to get this smoke out of here…I tell him to calm down, I have control over it.. just take it easy. He is pacing the kitchen, still bellowing.. (who needs a fire alarms when I have the King.) Look, the ceiling is going to have to be washed and repainted… still bellowing.
I told him to calm down as I removed the chicken from the oven.. and also the shelves. And took them outside.
Which, of course, more smoke comes out as I am releasing it with the oven door opened. LOOK, he yells… I shut the oven door… push him back outside.. tell him to go back to his garage.. I have everything in control..  And as he steps off the deck, He says… yea, it looks like it.. (He, of little faith).

I spent the next half hour washing down the walls, floor and ceiling of the oven.
Washed the shelves and put them back.. Took the chicken in, put it in the fry pan.  Started the salad… Check on the chicken.. OH, CRAP.. the front of the stove is grey with smoke… So got the Lysol out before the King returns…as that would have sent him back over the edge..

So 15 minutes later, chicken is done, salad is done.. dinner is on the table when the King walks back in … no smoke..doors closed, window closed..
He looks at the ceiling.. it is still white… whew…
And I looked at him… and said… see I told you.. I had everything under control…  Men get so excited over nothing..

By the way, I got to remember to replace the smoke alarm.. lol… we wore it out last year..  NO, it was NOT MY COOKING..

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