Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good bye... Dave Holmes

About 9 years or so ago... there was a blog started by a newspaper called the Spokane Review.
It was run by a man, Dave Oliveria, It was called No Holds Barred in the 
beginning... then changed over to Huckleberries Online. 
In the beginning there were several of us who read it and would
send Dave O.. our thoughts by email, because it was before you 
could comment on it.. And Dave used our comments from time to time. 

Then they open the door, and we could comment and we got to know 
some of the others that wrote. 
One such person was Dave... who called himself
CdA Dave
Over the years we got to know him for his wit,
his love of Beatles, and old music. Also
baseball, Mariners in particular. 
He also sent some great postcard type pictures
of Couer d' Alene, Idaho, to Dave O. to have
on his blog HBO.  
Ones that went back to the old beach, the rides that
were near the city beach, old hotels and other haunts. 

Then a couple of years ago, he sold his house,
and moved to the coast of Oregon. There he found
peace.. he took some wonderful scenic pictures of
the ocean. One of which is below of the sunset, 
which seem to be fitting, as Dave passed away
last fall.  We just found out. 
He closed his blog down as he figured he had
said all that there was to say.  And found more pressing
things to do.. like play music at a local bar that had open mike. 
Of course there were more pictures to take. 
Luckily he got to come back to CdA before he passed. 
He came back for his 40th class reunion. 

I used the earlier picture of Dave, that he had on his 
Facebook. He didn't like his face in public, although 
he did put one up on his Facebook page of a now 
picture taken not to long before he passed away. 
Huckleberries has that one for their post on the passing
of Dave...
For those of us who are left behind.. we are 
richer in knowing Dave.. and we are sad 
that his life ended.. way too early at the age of 58. 
Thanks, Dave, for the memories. 

Sunset 2012 ... David T. Holmes

for those who would like to read his blog.... he was talking about deleting it.. I am glad he didn't get a chance to do so... now it is there forever, and everyone to read.. Going back to when he got the birds.. when his humor was at its peak, not to say the rest isn't..  Also there is his knowledge of music... and baseball.. Read and enjoy...

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