Monday, February 25, 2013

Music makes the world go around.....

They say music makes the world go around.. but I guess that isn't true everywhere..

There are some young people who have come to the
United States from Afghanistan to play music… 
To Carnegie Hall…
Why is this so special? Because music is banned by the Taliban’s rule. 
48 children will play Afghan songs as well as some of Western countries.

Also we have certain religions in United States, who do 
not allow music. Amish, I believe is one.. and some of 
the ones here in Idaho,don’t allow radios or televisions. 
I don’t know if that includes all music.

I don’t understand this.. To ban rock, maybe even Jazz, Rap, and such
I can understand. But no music.. no music at all?  
Don’t mothers hum a lullaby to their children when 
rocking them?  Is that allowed? 

I can understand foreign countries banning western countries music. But why Classical? Or even their own music, I am sure it is beautiful to them as our Classical 
or ballads are to us. (yes, I realize that jazz, rap and 
rock is beautiful to some… after all it is all in the beholder.)  

I can not imagine a life without music… 

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