Monday, February 11, 2013


Today, I have an appointment with the guy who does my taxes. Which cost little sleep last night..

It isn’t because I’ve done anything bad.. It is basely a cut and dry deal. The only reason why it is of concern is, do I have all my papers?You know your papers of proof to back up your information.

I start about the second week of January, getting it together. I do have a folder that I put papers and receipt over the year, for tax purposes. So it is mostly getting them in order…Then wait for the others to come in. 

Then the first week of February, I get it all lined out and I write up and sheet of what is that I have. So by Friday I figured I was ready to go… but then the mail brought one more piece of paper.. that I forgot.  It is a kind of worthless paper but it does matter to the IRS… it is how much I earn from my saving account..  And as any of you know, who have a savings account of the average person.. you are lucky if it is over $20 for the year.

So, knowing today was the day… I have second guessed myself thru out the night.. cat napping sleep.  I will be so glad to have this over.. and hope and pray the government owes me instead of me owing them.  And with the new
changes, I really don’t have a clue which way it will go.    

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