Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You just can't fix stupid...

About a couple months ago, in the news was about a fire in the home of the singer Ozzie Osborne and his wife Sharon. How did this happen?
Well, they went to bed… and had left two candles still burning.  WHAT?
WHY would anyone go to bed and leave 2 candles burning?

Then sadly just a few days ago… a 3 year old in the town of Lind, Idaho…was burnt and died.
How did this happen?  Seems the family left a candle burning on their dresser near some clothes and diapers, as the child slept. WHAT??
WHY would anyone have a candle burning.. next to clothes and in a room where a child is.

THE REASON? You just can’t fix stupid… So sad… so preventable.  

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