Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Well, so much for bedside manner..

The latest in medical field is the doctor by computer.

 A robot wheels in a laptop type computer that sits on a
shelf of the robot.  On the computer you will see your doctor
or maybe a consultant doctor..  You will talk to him and he can see you and hear you as well.  But no touchy touchy…
So how does he feel your body part of concern? Well, that wasn’t addressed (no pun intended) in the video about this new devise.

This doctor on wheels, doesn’t even have to be at the hospital in question… in fact, they said.. he could be still at home.. (in his pj’s?) He might not even be in the same state..

Now I am not a real fan of doctors.. I try to stay away from them as much as I can.  You can’t be really sick if you aren’t at the doctors office, but you can get sick if you do go.. After all, who goes to see the doctor? Sick people of course… So do you go wearing a mask? I don’t know..but I bet the rest of the waiting room will give you lots of room…

I know, that my statement of you can’t be seriously sick, if you aren’t at the doctors office.. is silly.. and maybe even fool hardy.. but still not my favorite place to go. And if I do, then I must be half dead if I agreed to go. I am one of those people that the insurance people love, but doctors aren’t crazy about me. I only go if I can’t fix myself.

My downfall in this theory is .. my doctor is getting old. See I went in 2005, because Medicare said they would pay from me to go… as a sign up deal. Meaning, as far as I am concern… this is your before picture of health.. Which
I passed with flying colors..  So I didn’t show up until 2010…. When I heard that my doctor was going to retire.. and had cut his hours down to about 2 days a week and lots of vacation time..  So I figured I better show up before he decides to make it permanent. Now I love this doctor, as he lets me be me.. He knows I am not there unless, some one has forced me to go (employers mandatory check ups,) or I am seriously sick or injured.. and I can’t fix it myself.  His first question  is… well, Dr. Cis..what is going on with you, and what have you done so far. And that kind of relationship has worked well for over 28 some odd years.

But when I decided to go in for one more time.. figuring my next would be in 5 more years..(my average) and he would be gone. But … for some reason when they did the blood work.. platelets were included.  They weren’t in the past. I guess.. surely not for about 10 years or more.  And there it was.. yellowed highlighted the warning sign….LOW.. very low.. platelets … Which sent red flags.. and sent me  into many visits to another dr.  That doctor didn’t play the same game as mine did.  So I had to have several different test.. to see if something was eating the platelets.. (nope) and to see if I was producing them.. (yep)… and then the shaking of the head.  So a series of every 3 months and then 6 months.. of blood work.. still shaking the head as it moved up and down the scale ever so slowly but nowhere near normal. They had no clue why.. they knew what I didn’t have.. (like cancer, blood problems of any kind other than the platelets) so I once again took it into my own hands and said….thanks for your concerns.. and there are seriously sick people who need your time.. so I am back at my own doctor… every 6 months.. and going to a yearly… after all nothing is changing.. and I feel great.  

So to have a robot doctor come up to me and talk to me.. I don’t think so.. if the doctor can’t show up for me… then I won’t be there either. And if anything really serious come up… I already decided and told my family… that at this age.. I don’t believe in postponing the end results by torturing me.. to gain a month or two.

So good luck to all of you, who deal with Dr. robot..  

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