Thursday, February 07, 2013

Coming out in the open

A while back I posted that I decided I would have a winter hobby.
So when my daughter asked what I would like for Christmas. I
told her a paint set.. So she gave me this really neat paint set with oils,
acrylics, water paints and pencils.  And about 7 canvases and an easel.

So since Christmas I have been painting my heart out.  Lol.. I actually started before I got the kit… I did a picture for my husband. But that one I copied.
The rest of them are out of my head. 

I did the first one for my brother-in-law for his birthday. I told him it was Garage Art.  And that is where it is suppose to be placed. He didn’t listen.. he has it in the house…. And for now is sitting on his fireplace. I named it..”My Man Cave – others call it outdoors”.

The second one, came to mind, so I did it for one of my sons and his wife.
They live near the lake and love it so…  so I named it … “My head is at work,-my heart is at the lake.”  They, too, I told it is Garage Art and has to be put out in the shop….. they too, did not listen.. and have it in the house.. (I am not getting far with this Garage Art deal)

The third one, I did for myself… as it was in my head before I started the other two. It is an abstract.

The fourth one, I made for my daughter… which is called “My bike – the road- my therapy… She too, has it in the house.. she told me, when I give them away.. I can’t tell people where to hang them.. lol…

Now I am going to start my fifth one.. for another son and his wife. I have decided on a name for it.. but it won’t be here, so it won’t matter.  And I have 2 more son’s to do yet and a daughter.  I have found I hate oils… messy, clean up is the pits. I do like acrylics. Fast drying, not so mess and easy clean up.

So how is my painting? Grandma Moses, I am not!!  In fact I think a kindergartener could put me to shame.. I think what saves my hide is, I have neat titles.. (I like them) and these people love me.  Lol…..
THE ONE FOR MY HUSBAND... it is one I copied out of a book

For my brother-in-law..MY MAN CAVE - OTHERS CALL IT OUTDOORS

for my son and his wife...MY HEAD IS AT WORK  -MY HEART IS AT THE LAKE

this one is mine... had it in my head for a couple of months.. the specks are blue and green

for my daughter....MY BIKE - THE ROAD- MY THERAPY... the purple on the bottom is her Harley's fender... the road from her view..
So get out your paints… if I can do can you… for someone who can’t draw a straight line… it is amazing one can tell what it is.. but it is good for the soul. And if painting isn’t it.. then get an instrument and give it a try…

2013… the year to try something new… Who knows.. you might be good at it… and you will have fun.  

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Marianne Love said...

Looks like you're having fun, Cis. Keep it up!