Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Talking to your adult children...

When your children are adults your conversations change.. They change
from the structure of training and protection to regular general conversations…. If you are lucky.  And if you are smart…… and if you want things to go smoothly.

I try my best to keep that rule in mind. But from time to time, well, so far three,
that I am aware of.. I slipped up.  I think it also follows the gender line as well.
meaning father to son, and mother to daughter… Some times the conversation
can hit a button from the past.  Even though you aren’t aware of it. Meaning you
didn’t think how it was being taken. As you didn’t mean it as a teaching tool.

The conversation is the same you would have used with a friend, yet, somehow
it something gets twisted..  …
And unwanted advise is the worst. But when it is one of your children.. it can be interpreted as advice or push a button, that you didn’t realize you did.  But the adult child takes it as that and comes back with a remark that will surprise you… or leave you with, how did you come to that conclusion, feeling?

It is where you say something as an adult to adult, but it is taken as from Mom
(or Dad).

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