Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lincoln's birthday and etc.

As a kid I use to get this day off… as well as February 22. Washington’s birthday… but I believe it was Nixon decided two day off in February,was too much.. and threw in PRESIDENT to combine both days. And the people must have like it, as it gives a 3 day weekend.. Which was part of
the deal.  I find it annoying., as the bank is closed and no mail, but then I am retired.  And when I was working, it didn't make any difference. As the company didn't give holidays off, unless you put in for it by the 15 of the prior month. And we didn't get paid time and half, as they decided to give us our birthday as a holiday. Which we still had to ask for it off by the 15th of the previous month.. but we did get time and half if we worked it.   Now days, kids probably don’t even know it is Lincoln’s birthday.

I got a new camera… my old one was dying.. the connection didn't work on the computer anymore.. so had to remove the memory card (thank goodness it has one) and get my pictures.. the on and off switch is getting temperamental and
sucking the juice out of the batteries way faster than it use to..  So replacement time.. It is over 10 years old… in electronics, that is really old. And the new and improved is a learning curve.

So.. research.. got to keep it simple.. my brain is just not up to lots of new stuff.  I found what I would like.. best price was at Walmart.. and because it is this time of the year (new ones coming out end of March, lot of people are using their phones) prices are pretty low… running half of what I paid last time, this time with more power.. But Walmart was out….the salesman says order it on line and they will deliver to the store for free…  Nice idea.. but they were out of stock. So tried Best Buys.. they were out of stock… Costco.. out of stock.. finally I found 2 on Amazon.. ordered it fast.  AND TODAY.. it arrived..

Now I have to learn all over again. It may not be too bad.. as a lot of the things are similar to my old one.. I can only hope.. I did put it together fairly easy.. and then I decided maybe I should read the directions.  But so far, so good. 

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