Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mouth in gear....

Elderly and children have some things in common..  One of which is saying what is on their mind.  No reserve… and that kind of last to the teens and early 20’s, but by 30, you watch what you say.

For 30 years you tip toe thru life… watching what you say as it can cost you your job , an relationship and etc…

Then at 60 it starts to come back again.. and by 70 you are back in full bloom as you were when you were a child.. because you found out that you don’t have to impress people anymore. You aren’t unkind.. (well, maybe over 80 you are. Lol, I remember my sister-in-law taking her 80 something grandmother to some kind of doings going on in the basement of the church, and a heavy woman came out of the church as the grandmother and sister-in-law were heading across the parking lot.. of which grandma said loudly.. LOOK AT THAT WOMAN.. THAT FAT WOMAN… My sister in law, bowing her head, hoping the woman did not hear what grandma has said and shhing grandma…) maybe 80 is the new 5 year old.  

We all have been in a similar position and hope and pray we do not do that to our children…then again… our children did their share of embarrassing us.. good luck with that.. ha ha..

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