Monday, December 06, 2010

Who do you drop from your Christmas list?

When I was working, Christmas was quite
a bit overwhelming… new people came and
went so each year was different. Some how
I always pulled it off. Coming up with new ideas
of what to get for present. Nothing really fancy,
or expense. Cups with pens (aides always need
pens) Gloves with pens and etc. Until we came up
with a dandy idea… food for food bank… solved

After I retired my present list cut quite a bit. And
the same thing when the King retired. And now
there are some friends to eliminate. Some moved
away, some we haven’t been in contact with for
the year. So we cross our fingers that they don’t
send something or the one close don’t come by
with one, even tho we haven’t see them since
last Christmas.

To be honest with you, I am horrible when it
comes to Christmas… I don’t mellow out until about
noon on Christmas day.

But the question is who do you take off of your Christmas
card list? And even your present list? Over the years I
have told my friends, if you are really my friend… send me
a card…no present PLEASE… keep the gifts for your kids
and grandchildren… but there is always someone… someone
who will say, well, I saw it and had to get it for you… you don’t
need to give me anything.. but you feel like a heel because
you didn’t… I hate it..

Love the reason, hate the season… but this year I pledge to
do better.


Margie's Musings said...

I have only bought gifts for those who are close around here and only two friends. Those who are away get cards.

MarmiteToasty said...

Well I only get me lads pressies and whatever girlfriend they have in tow (but only something as a token) (except this year I do not like my Sams newfriend so she can kiss my arse LOL), and of course this year I will get my little Reggie a gift from his nanna for his first crimbo, these are the only people except my bestest 'there no matter what' friend Wendy that lives her, we always exchange a little something special, found with love and passion for each other.... I do sometimes send little bits and bobs to some special doodle maties... so to be honest compared to the rest of me maties... I dont really have a list as long of me arm.... when I spoke about this with another friend she said, well if she dont buy for so and so then they wont buy her a gift etc and if she dont buy for such and such then they will get the hump..... I say SOD THAT for a lark lol....

I also have never asked my lads to write a list of what they would like, cos I feel a gift from me should be something I want to find and give, not just something randomly off a list of wants or greed, so, no lists in this house, cos this mama always knows the perfect gift bought with love for each of my sons.....

but to me, the gift of friendship is the most precious gift of all..