Thursday, December 02, 2010

I will not be Grinch this year...

I am not going to let anything upset my day.
I am tired of a year of listening to negatives.
Republican hate monologues, or any of the
other stuff…

I usually do terrible around the holidays, I
can’t tell you why because I have never been
able to figure it out for myself… over 40 years
of being a Grinch. But not this year… I have
resolved to have a good winter. To have good

I started with my outside decorations as you
can see...
I am going to listen to upbeat music and cook
good things for others to eat.
This is going to be a good winter, this is going to
be a good winter… this is going to be a good winter


Anonymous said...

You have never been a Grinch! You've always been a happy little elf! Love ya!

MarmiteToasty said...

oh how I LOVE the grinch lol... its one of my most favourite films, he is just so misunderstood so I can so relate lmfao

and i LOVE your decoration grinch lol....

we dont usually put up our tree etc til the weekend before crimbo.... but, I might make an exception and sort things out this weekend, if we can find a tree, cos the place we usually cut one from on the Southwick Estate is not opening this year, so the trees have a chance to grow a bit more....

crimbo this year will be mainly filled with love and laughter more then pressies.... but you know what, the best crimbos are the ones when one has the least money, or no money as in my case lol