Friday, December 31, 2010


We started 2010, like any other year…
But quickly it turn like no other year like it…
By the end of January, I found out that we
were going to Hawaii.. HAWAII !!!!
I had never been to

Hawaii…neither had the King.

February, we were off to Hawaii, there were 12 of
us. 3 sons and their wives, one daughter and her Guy…
plus two grandchildren. We walked into the
house and I had a OH, MY GOD, moment. The
house had 8 bedrooms, I forgot how many bathrooms
and a pool in the patio… The view from my bedroom
was of the ocean on one side and the bay on the other.
Each day was more wonderful than the one before. Luau,
Whale watching from a boat, snokling in clear water,
tattoo for the King and I.. plus one grandchild. The
ARIZONA MEMORIAL, so much more… a trip to last
me a lifetime.

Coming back home was still good. And as the summer
came and went we had so much fun on our boat of the
year before. Fishing, sight seeing, it was a glorious time
on the Lake.

Then Fall, brought another surprise.. a Moose tag for the
King… and then a month later, the hunt, which I got to go
with him. He shoots with a gun, I shoot with a camera.. I
don’t like him hunting by himself. When he goes deer and
elk,… it with about 15 guys and gals in a hunting camp. But
Moose hunting is an individual hunt, as not many get a tag.
And most save their vacation for the deer/elk hunting season.
On our 4th day out, the King scored his Moose. And I was with
him, it was sublime… he was so thrilled, and I took pictures.

As we headed into Winter, some health concerns came up
for me.. my platelets were very very low… So a series of
test, which proved my liver, kidneys and spleen were in
great shape.. and a bone marrow test proved that they were
producing platelets just fine.. So while we don’t know what
Is causing this…we know it is NOT, several things, among
them, cancer. About that time the King’s knee started to
act up… and that proved out to be a pinched nerve in the
knee… takes about 2 to 3 months to get over…. Which he
was told to stay off of it… YEA, RIGHT… about that time
snow started to show up, which made stay inactive with the knee
impossible. Besides the more he used it the better it felt….until the
next morning…

But all of this is minor stuff… Even with the water heater blowing its bottom
seal, can’t deter that… And even with some family changes we had hope
wouldn’t happen… all of it is life… and some what minor compare to so many
others with so many more serious problems than ours… Like the sadness
of a Christmas card coming to notify me of my dear friends from my
childhood passed away in September. My prayers with her family.

So for us 2010 WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR… I hope it was for the
rest of you too… and may 2011 is beyond your expectations… filled
with good health, a wealth that makes a comfortable life for you all,
filled with joyous laughter… as laughter makes everything durable.


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