Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I don't do half sick bery well

I do wellness very well… even do very
sick, pretty darn good. That is where I
am in bed and just want to be left alone.
Don’t come in and ask me if I need anything.
Just let me lie there and die, because dying
would feel better than what I would be feeling
at the time.

But half sick, I don’t do very well at all. Because I
am well enough to see what I could be doing, yet
don’t have the energy to do it very well. And that is
where I am this week. Just a mere two days before
Christmas day, I got a start of a cold. By Christmas
Eve, I was in the full blown coughing spells. And my
voice, well, it sounds worse than I feel.

So is it feed a cold and starve a fever? Or the other
way around.. While I really didn’t feel like eating, I
ate some food in hopes that it would fight the cold.
Christmas day felt somewhat better so we went to our daughters
for dinner, warding off all those hugs, telling of how they too could
be like me… While I like sharing things, sickness is not one
of them. And it irritates me when others decided to share
theirs with me. Being I had several people tell me they
had colds, I don’t know which one decided to share it with

So here I am at half staff or half mast or what ever… wanting
to do things, not actually wanting to.. I did get all the Christmas
things put away except for the Christmas cards..

Well, it is back to the soup, and cough drops, (gosh they
Taste horrible.. but they work. Maybe I will do the wash.
Stay warm and dry… and warn off the cold germs.

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Margie's Musings said...

I'm sorry you're sick. My brother-in-law has a bad cold. It started two days before Christmas.

I am seldom sick. (cross my fingers)