Thursday, December 16, 2010


What is going on with people… the news has adult children

doing the unspeakable to their parents or grandparents.

We had the grandson, who found his grandfather dead in his home.

Did he call other relatives, or 911? No, he took the money out of his

Grandfather’s wallet and took his car. Then came back with his sister

and they ransacked the house getting more things.

Another story is about how a mother who is elderly, decided to give

her oldest son the power of attonery and had him take care of her

finances for her. BAD MISTAKE!!! Seems he has a gambling problem

so has spent all the money in the bank, and now the house is in arrears

and she is losing it.

Then there is the son who is mad at his mother because she would no longer give him $50 a day, so he kept her from going anywhere, and went out to the barn and kill her two dogs.

This is all in the past couple weeks…

What the Hell?

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