Friday, December 17, 2010

Parent sues McDonald???

A woman is suing McDonald's and wants no toys or
have them change to a more healthy meal. Even when
there are other choices in a regular meal. Just not the
Happy Meals.

And why is this? Was it for better meal for her child?
NO, it is because her child raises so much hell for her,
that she can’t take it. So why does she even go to
McDonalds, after all there is Burger King and a bunch
of others. Why punish the nation because you can’t control your child?
What is next? Store will have to hide their toys so the child doesn’t
see them? So the child doesn’t throw a tantrum and you
can’t say no? What about the clothing stores? Hide the most
popular clothing (Hannah Montana and such) because your child
might see them and raise cain because you won’t buy them?
All just because you can’t be a strong parent, that you lack good
parenting skills?

My kids learned really fast that a temper tantrum cut the store visit real short.
And next time I went to the store, they got to stay home because they couldn’t’ behave. After staying home a couple of times, they learn to behave. No, it wasn’t
easy. I lived 15 miles from town. So leaving the store without the rest of the products I came to get, was not the easiest of things. And to go shopping when
my husband came home or Saturday when he was at home to watch the kids
that got left behind, wasn’t convenience for us either but a learning tool.

And they still remember it today in their adulthood, as the saying still comes up
in their conversations about the good old days. After all, the store is not your child’s toy room. Keep their hands off of the merchandise unless you are buying it.

If your child misbehaves at the store it is YOUR fault. Think it can’t be done?
watch any Mennonite family, or any other such type of family. They are the
best behaved children of this era. And they don’t beat their children. They teach by example and response to responsible to one’s actions.

You treat your child as a spoil child they will become one. You give them control over your life…they will take it.

Today make a promise to take control as a parent. Give consequence to bad behavior and it if inconvenience you a bit, too bad… the long run will prove out
to the good of your child. Your friends will be thankful, and your children will thank you later, as they become responsible adults. They will learn they are NOT entitled to everything NOW!

Same goes for grandparents… remember this your child, not your parents. They
had their shot at it, with their own rules… now is your time to have rules for your
children. Stand up for your children and your rules and rights. Say no. Everything
in moderation… if the grandparent HAS TO, then tell them to buy books for the child. And if it is a small child, then the grandparent can spend some quality time
by reading the book with them.


Margie's Musings said...

I could take my kids anywhere and they behaved. They knew if they didn't they would not get a been good reward. And if one child misbehaved, it cost us all the treat afterward.

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Well said, Cis!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Mr. King!