Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Well, that was a revolting discovery!!!!!!

What a way to end the year…
I was trying to find some jello to make after dinner.
As I was going thru my back cupboard, my foot seemed
to be a little warm. And I could hear water like it was
bubbling down inside the water heater next to me.

Bingo, yes, the warm feeling was the tank leaking.
Which started a 2 hour problem to take care of.
And yes, it was warranty for 12 years… and guess
which year this is…. 13 years…

After much moping, disconnecting, more moping,
The King got it on to the dolly, only to find the dolly
had a flat. Undo tank from dolly… back out to the
garage, fill dolly tire with air… back to the tank,
hook up again. And slowly but surely it is backed
out of the back room to the kitchen.

Now we have a very small kitchen.. about 6 x 5 area
to work in… which is now filled with things taken out
of the back room so we can remove tank. So he is
snaking the dolly thru,. I open the door, step out holding
the screen door open. Up to the door sill..stop… so he
goes back again.. with a little more speed… almost getting
it over the hump… I tell him to get more lead way and a little
more speed… of which it came flying over the hump and with
the weight, is jerked out of the Kings hands goes the handle..

flying out of the top connection and the bottom… some of it on the
floor, the rest….thankfully out side… on the deck.
I had to stifle myself, as the King doesn’t have much of a
sense of humor at times like that.

As much as we tried to swing it around to the edge, we only got part
way… So tomorrow… we will have an ice skating rink for
a back deck. AND we get to go find a water heater NOW…
Not a ordered in one week type, but off the floor one..
hopefully Home Depot will have them there.

Just what we wanted some last minute year ending excitement.


Margie's Musings said...

I had that happen earlier this year. Luckily my tank was in the garage. The tank I replaced was dated 1982 so it had well outlived it;s warranty.

I found one at the lumber yard and they let me pay it out in two payments. A friend installed it free of charge.

God luck with yours.

Tell you call your husband "the King" to his face?

Anonymous said...

Well, Margie, when I first started my blog I referred to him as Sweetie,(which I do sometimes call him) and when he found out, he was't quite so happy... saying he was the King of his Castle (when I let So I changed it to the King.