Sunday, December 05, 2010

Wouldn't it be wonderful if peace was contagious

Let's say that again....
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if peace was contagious

Seems like most of our wars are over religion…which is weird when you
understand that our God is a loving and giving God, who teaches us
love and understanding… Yet mankind seem to find that to start wars,
because of different religions.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful, for each act of kindness, would continue on
to the next person. Passing from person to person, from nation to nation.
We all don’t fight over the different styles of clothing, why do we feel the need
to fight over the difference of beliefs? If we don’t care what pants or skirts, or
shirts the other wears and there is a BIG varieties of them… why do we feel
the need to care about what the other persons beliefs are?

Why can’t peace be like a smile, it gets passed on from person to person.
You walk down the street and someone smiles at you as they go by… and the
next thing you know, you are smiling too…

There was what was called a flash mob who showed up at a mall in Nov. 13th
They, out of the blue, started one by one to sing a song, Hallelujah …. Slowly
one after the other joined… and THEN a lot of the crowd join them… and such joy on all of their faces. Even those who were not singing… were smiling and then after it was over the applause was so loud…. For just a few minutes… a few minutes in all their busy lives… they sang, they smiled, total strangers… smiling
and all at peace…. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were all like that…

My ex-husband complain to a friend after our divorce, that one the things he couldn’t stand about me… was I always saw the world thru rose colored glasses.
I hope I never lose that…

By the way… this is the site of the flash group… it is well worth your time. I understand that it has happen twice more since this November 13th incident… go watch, it will make your day.

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MarmiteToasty said...

I put my rose coloured glasses in the cupboard LOL