Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sportsmanship, What a difference...

There is a college in Washington, near Spokane.
Called Gonzaga.  Fans call it Zags...
I guess over the weekend when the opposing team
came in.. the fans who sit in a box call the doghouse
or something like that... stood there and turn their backs
on the opposing team. 

Now those of us who are older.. see this as an insult.
It seems like a rude thing to do.. not very
sportsmanship like...  But I guess it is acceptable to
those involved.  

Now let's jump across the world to Sochi, Russia. The
Olympics... Where we have seen time and time again
such great sportsmanship... Shawn White who did not
get a medal this time around.. yet congratulated the
young man from another country as he won and won
very well.. He did not dampen the young man's
enthusiasm and joy of winning. He went over with a
great grin on his face and hugged the young man..
He said later he was sad about his own performance,
but so happy for the young man who won.

Another young man who won.. went around and shook
hands with all those who lost and told them what a great
job they did...

The girl snowboarders jumping up and down, hugging
the winner, even though they themselves, lost the spot for the
medal.. Not their countrymen but other countries.. all
in joy for them.

Bode Miller, also congratulating those who beat him out of
the gold.. The friendship thru out the countries.. if there was
any sad faces or angry ones, I didn't see it.

It was great to see, and made me proud to be an American.
And proud of the other countries whose athletes also did
the same.  All in this together.. all finding great joy in the
ones who won...  Such sportsmanship...

To bad politicians who try to make something out of these
games can't be better sportsmen as well, as these guys and gals.

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