Thursday, February 27, 2014

You have out done yourself....

These are words I hear from the King from
time to time..  Some times it is good, but
most of the time it is sarcastic.
Mainly to do with a dinner menu.

And the scariest words to him is...
CHEF'S SURPRISE.. when he ask
what is for dinner.

That is when I take leftovers and make
what ever I can out of the little of this
and that..

But last night, he said the words and I
didn't know if it was for the good or bad.

So you can see it is pretty.. and it did
taste good.  And that is what is important,
isn't it?  Oh, yea, and I added to it when
he asked what it was... "and it is good for
you".  That is almost the seal of death for
any meal.

It is stuffed avocado (with tuna salad) on a 
bed of colorful sweet peppers, green onions
and lettuces. topped with a tomato and a 
blueberry on top 

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