Monday, June 27, 2016

I don't want to....

I thought about blogging today… and I didn’t
want to… I thought about it yesterday as well.
as I try to get my ideas the day before… but
I didn’t want to….

There just isn’t enough to write about.. We
are all tired of the Hillary and Donald pony show.
We are tired of nothing being done about having
common sense gun laws… and the fact we don’t
even uphold the ones we have anyway.

I think those who hunt, should still have guns.
I think those who live in cities where criminals
think nothing about breaking down your door..
You should be able to protect yourself.  I just 
don’t see the reasoning behind having a gun that was
made for the military, is a necessity.   And I get
that each year seems worse, and maybe you
might have to protect your home, no matter where
you live.  But they have been telling us this for the
past 50 years.   And NRA… I am sick of you screaming
you are not taking my guns and Congress you will
pay for it.. if you do pass a law.   And my answer
to that has been….. surely, NRA members.. you can
not help but be horrified with the murders… So why
don’t you come up with a common sense laws that
should be passed, that protect the innocent. Why
do you go for the all or nothing.. because I am
telling you… if the nut cases keep killing people,
you will lose your guns.. all of us will. So stop
being part of the problem, and help solve the

I told you I didn’t want to write a blog today.. 

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