Thursday, June 09, 2016

A bad day on the Lake is better than....

Yesterday was a great day.. We were up at
0 hour.. well, not quite… but we were on the
Lake before 6:30am. Lake Pend Orielle, that

It was overcasted and actually warm for that
hour.  We took off from the dock and I had
my camera.  The hills and mountains looked
great, but with out any sun, it wasn’t quite
the picture taking I wanted. 

We were not alone on the water. There was
one other.. then 2 more joined us out there.
I had the first hit. But sadly, as I lifted it
up, it was gone in a flash. But not to worry
we are just starting..  Well, as it turn out..
it was all over except the crying.. lol. As I got
one more hit and then nothing.. Absolutly nothing.
Luckily the King got a hit and landed.  He
lost 2 more but ended up with the total of 4.

We headed to the bridge dock to make a run
to the little room.  The Fish and Game were
there and we got checked out. Along with a
friend of ours, who was another one of the boat
in the water, fishing.   We were all legal.

But as we were matching stories… we heard
some rumbling.  We had some quick showers
off and on, but nothing big.. But this was getting
serious.  A few flashes and we were all in our
boats and heading to the dock we all came in.
We were there first, loaded up… pulled
out of the way, so the others could follow
thru as well…  As the last thing you want to
be in.. on the lake, is a metal boat during a
lightening storm. 

But it was still a great 3 hours.. and enough
fish for dinner. 

 a view I never get tired of seeing...  


 a few of the ones out there...

This fisher one.... looks to see how we are doing and where he can swoop down
and get his...

 3 of the 4 the King got..  nice dinner fish... 

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