Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What the hell happen to summer?

The King insisted on putting in our air conditioners
a week and half ago.. It is 78.. we need the AC…he
says…  I told him, we don’t put them in until the 4th
of July…  But nooooooooooooooooo, he wanted them

Well, we have them in alright!!.. and I am freezing
to death..   The weather went to the 60’s   and
then last night.. it dipped to the 40’s with early
morning today.. being at 38…

I AM FREEZING..  I have my winter pjs on.. I
am wrapped in a blanket, watching television..
and I am afraid to go out and see what my
garden looks like.   Yes, the King went out
last night and covered over his garden and
moved out baskets into the shed… but I am
still wondering…   And there is snow up
on Schweitzer Mountain.

Now who the hell stole summer and bring it
back.. because I AM FREEZING.  

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