Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Maiden Voyage

Here we are … me and the mouse in my hand…
The start of my new computer… First day solo.
after weeks of help, transferring, learning and
still a lot more to learn.. my new computer.
With Windows 10.   My Windows 7 computer
ended up going belly up… only letting me in
for 10 to 15 minutes at a time.. just long enough
to copy my different folders, pictures and etc.
And then there is the OLD computer.. which is
always my fall back, when the other one need
work.   So the OLD computer, which is Vista
Mode… has been my life line to hang on to.. with
a throw in of a flash drive to download keeping things.

And the times I had to get up and walk around.. to
keep from screaming and pulling my hair out… I
would call in the big guns..  My future granddaughter.
Who spent a whole day of transferring, giving me step
by step instructions on how to access things that use to
be a clickable.  How to put my icons on the desktop.
to learn the “tile” system, which is still a learning
process.  Downloaded pictures… and then where the
heck did they go?  But I found them..

So today, I placed the new and improved (?) computer
into service… but the Vista OLD one is on standby just
in case. 

I have to say, I am kind of proud of myself.. as when I
couldn’t figure out some of it.. and Big Gun wasn’t
available… I figure it out.. it was strictly a try and

error …..lots of errors and redo’s …. But I did it.. 

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