Tuesday, June 14, 2016

So far, so good...retirement that is...

So far the King’s retirement has been busy.
and he has so many things he wants to do,
but it seems things just keep jumping up.

He is trying to get ready for a fishing trip
that starts Sunday early hour am… But
it seems everything is just jumping up.

There was the school district retirement
breakfast on Monday.  That is for all the
employees who are retiring..  Teachers,
and all the other departments as well.

He has to go get his Washington State
fishing license.. which turn out to be an
odd ball. See he has to pay $34 for a 3
day fishing trip. But he is going to be
gone a week.. so that would be 3 times
the price.. for 7 days.. Knocking on
over $100… or buy one for the year at
$55.  That is crazy. $34 for 3 days is
crazy too. Over $10 a day.  Anyway
lucky for us, the state of Washington
is just over the border 30 miles away, so
he can get his license before he goes.

Being he will be gone for a week, I got
to figure out what project I want to do
while he is gone. 

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