Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Back to the cave, Batman

We are back to the pull the curtains, put in
the air conditioners… and the house becomes
a cave like for ¾ of the day.

We usually don’t put the AC in the windows
until July.. around the 4th. But here we are the
7th of June and it was just to hot for the King.
He couldn’t take it anymore.

Tried to tell him that it would be cool in a day
or two..but 3 days in a row of mid 90’s, he didn’t
care.  He wanted to be cool NOW.. he didn’t want
to be sweating…. So out they came.
Forecast? 60’s and rain off and on.. Oh, well
we are ready and on Tuesday we were cool.

Now to day.. we are heading out to go fishing.
our first time this year.  Hope we get to go
more often than last year.. we went twice
last year.. and cooked both times. It was just
too dang hot.. Even for the fish.. they weren’t
biting.  But they say they are catching blue backs,
So we shall see.

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