Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I keep telling him, this is not how it goes...

This is day 22 of the King’s retirement… and
day 5 of his fishing trip…

I get daily updates on how the trip is going.
See he was invited by his nephew to go on
the fishing trip of a life time..  It is a 64
Foot by 15 foot house boat.  On a lake in
Washington state.  A week of it.. 

He packed for a week before.. had a list a page
full, of what to bring.. from clothes to food.
And gear, of course.  He went over a couple
hours early.. he wasn’t excited.. no .. lol

It started off bumpy.. seems they had to be towed
back to the dock about a half hour into the trip.
But all good things come to those who wait.. as
they were up graded to a nicer boat.. with a JACUZZI!
And they were given an extra day..

So every am, he calls to tell me how great it is..
On day four he was sitting on the top part with
coffee cup in hand, looking over the landscape of
woods, to see a deer mosey down the hill to the
Lake.  And the fish they have gotten.. and ate
for dinner.. And when I asked if he was going to
be able to bring some home.. he said he didn’t know.
Told him …hey, you are out there on the boat, enjoying
yourself.. eating the fish as you go… how about me?
I want fish too… lol…   
He called me on day 3 at night.. telling me about
just getting out of the Jacuzzi.
Also have to keep reminding him.. “you know this
is not the normal retirement life..”… I have been
retired 13 years and I had none of that in my
retirement years.. and he laughs, yea, I know.
He sounds so happy and relaxed… and I am

happy for him. 

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