Thursday, June 02, 2016

Well, this is a revolting development...

Well, the King is officially retired.. and he went to
his send off with 2 other future retirees.
He had a good time, with good food and good people.
with a slight tear in his eye, he said his goodbyes.
There were lots of laughter as well, as his major
Boss roasted him with a sour valuation. To the laughter
of all. And applause.

But thru all of this.. he had developed some medical
problems.  Out the clear blue sky came first a severe
headache. That was from the Bells Palsy he got after
the stress of dealing with the suicide of his sister.
Then as he got thru this.. his hip goes out.
It is bursitis they said. So he got a cortisone shot. Then
It went to his calf of his leg.  Thru it all there were MRI’s
and x-rays. This time it was an enlarged vein. Good new
it isn’t a blood clot.  I told him all of this is lasting 2 weeks
each. So next it should  hit his ankle and then his toes…and
then it should be finished with his body.  Lol..  He didn’t
see the humor of it.  

As we sat in the doctor’s examination room, he looked at
me so sadly and said… but I am retiring.. I am suppose
to be enjoying my life.. what the heck is all of this?  I’m
suppose to be having fun.. this is NOT fun… So much
for my golden years.. Gold for the doctor and hospital.

I told him, this too shall pass. 

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