Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Flying by the seat of my pants...

Trying to get things as I know it.. on
the new computer… so I know my way
around… has been an education to say
the least…  And sometimes I think this
old brain goes with the adage of …
Can’t teach old brains new tricks..

One of the things I had to take care of,
was putting in the virus protection of
my choice..   as the computer comes
with a temporary virus protection of
their choice..  one which I didn’t do well
with, years ago.. so went with another one.
I went with the free one for many years
and then in 2012, I spent the money to do
the better one.. and less ads.  Because as
we know, nothing is really for free.

Now I had to download my virus which is
paid up to 2017.  As I was trying to download
my paid one, it was getting complicated…so
asked for their support team..  which they did
a great job… but one of the parts was… letting
them control my computer, to get the right setting
that wasn’t working for me.  That took a leap of
faith…. A big leap of faith… as I could tell by
the name of my support help, that his name was
not from around here.   As it turn out to be.. he was
from India…  So I took a deep breath.. figuring
the company I am familiar with and has been
helpful in the past… so I flew by the seat of
my pants and click ok..  and it worked out
perfect.  Even had a nice conversation while
we were waiting for some of the download.
By the way they can retire.. depending on the
company at the age of 58.  

One thing I have found out from the new computer is,
NOTHING…COMES WITH IT.. well, nothing I use.
Office.. over $100 and that is for only ONE YEAR!!
I got that for free when I first started computers.
Windows photo gallery… gone.. and while the computer
recognizes my printer for printing.. it doesn’t for importing
pictures…  So download (luckily for free from Microsoft)
photo gallery which has all the things I know.

Yes, a learning curve… so far I am staying up with it. 

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