Thursday, June 23, 2016

Just when you think the bar can't go lower....

Representative John Lewis  had a Naval ship named
after him, because he is so well thought of.. He went
thru the civil rights with King in the 60’s  There was a
large article about how he so deserved this honor… YET,
yesterday, a Republican Representative decide to rescind
that honor… What did Rep. Lewis do that was so bad
to be stripped of this honor?    He, with others did a sit
down.. and peaceful protest over the Congress’s
lack of gun rules to make it harder for criminals and etc.
to get guns.  That in the discussion of those rules, the
Republicans threw it out with in an hour or the start of
those discussions. .. Remember the Congress is said
to be serving Americans… And the American people
have been very vocal about they want something done.
And they want it done now.. not years from now.

They want some common sense rules and regs brought
to the Congress and voted on.. Not just a few words
and grand slammed shut down.  As so many times

So there have been several participating in this sit
down.  Look at their faces, America.. these are the
same generation who sat down at colleges, walked
protesting for civil rights in the 60’s…  These people
know protesting and sit downs well. They know in
the past it has worked, sometimes. They are some of the voice of America… Yes, most of them are Democrats.
But at least they are listening and open to discussion.

But once again.. the Republican party acts like they
are in kindergarten.  Shut off the camera of CSPAN.
They don’t want the public to see.. (like in this day
and age of cell phones with camera, that is going to happen.)
But to say they want to remove Rep. John Lewis’s name
off a ship… because of this.. is even a new low for Congress and the Republicans. Mississippi Representative Steven Palazzo pretty well knows that… let’s hope the rest of Congress has some common sense left.

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