Friday, May 19, 2006

Meeting the Candidates.

Last night the King and I went
to meet the people running for
office. We couldn't stay the
whole meeting. As the King works
really early shift and has to get
up at 3:30am.

One of the things that I notice of
the 130 some odd people was the
age. I would say the audience was
2/3 over the age of 50. 1/3 of that
over the age of 70.

Also Royce Chigbrow was there
and gave his credentials. Pretty
impressive. Even the King was
impressed. There were others
running for office in Boise there.
But they were just introduced, that
was it.

Coming in late was John Mitchell,
(he was coming in from Priest River
meeting) also introduced and he got
to tell of his view in a one
minute talk.

David Keyes, editor of the local
paper, (they were running the
meeting) told the audience to
watch that race very close.
To read everything about
BOTH candidates very carefully.

That leaving the 5 local
candidates, to be at the tables.
They gave a two minute summary
of their views and why they believe
as they did.

There was Dye, and Rich
on one side. And Phillips,
Mueller, and Lane on the
other side. All of which
did well.

There were questions from
Mr. Keyes and then the
audience. Dye and Phillips
came off as very polished.

Lane came off as informing
but learning. Seems to be
a very fair person. King was
impressed with him.

Rich and Mueller, I have to
say, had the audience attention.
I would say that more than 2/3
of the audience was impressed
with them. Some from knowing
the gentlemen, some from hearing
what they wanted to hear.
Less taxes, less government in
their lives. The senior citizen is
very aware of where their money
is going.

And when they see the farm they have
lived in for over 30 years being
taxed so high to the point where
it is almost three times the amount as
the payments a year were
when they bought them.. they were
interested in Mueller's views.
They liked Rich's down home
common sense. These are
just some of the views I heard
said around my chair.

But like I said, I left in the
mid-way break they had.
Have to break down and
buy the local paper to see
if it got better in the second

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