Monday, May 22, 2006

May 26, 2005

May 26, 2005 was the start of
Doing it Again blog.
Anyone who reads my blog,
knows that the writer is my
friend of about 32 years. And
I suggested scouting it out, shortly
after she started. Some of you

It is about her and her husband
raising their grandsons. A far from
easy task. These boys were taken
in at the age of 2 and 3, I believe.
So for 12 years these boys have
been in their care. Because their
mother let unspeakable things
happen to them.

The 12 years haven't gotten
any better or easier, with teen
years coming on strong.

She has written about how
she got the boys in the first
place. And then she wrote
about life with them. Some
times writing once a week,
some times 2 or 3 times
a week. So people have
given up on her as she
does not do it daily.

It isn't easy writing what
she writes. She writes from
the heart. And some of the
things she writes about is
hard to live, never mind writing
about. There is some good times.
Happy times, but they are not the

I had talked her into writing the blog,
because I thought it would help
her to be able to have a place for it.
Also later the boys can read it and
understand how much God's Helper
and her husband gave up of their lives.
Not only money but time, vacations,
and etc. all for the love of them.
They were there, when their parents
wouldn't be.

Also we both thought if she wrote,
maybe it would help some one
out there who is walking the same
trail the two of them are. How they
aren't alone.

So for those who think raising
grandchildren is easy. Go read
and count your blessings that
you don't have to. Or if you
are, that it isn't always easy.
And for those who are and
you have very troubled
grandchildren... go read, and
find out you are not alone.

You might want to start with
April 12, 2006 and read up.
It is called Pray for the Children,
but it isn't about her grandson's.
But as you read upward, you
will see how it will connect to
her. She works at a school,so
it especially hit home, and then
it did hit home.

If you read the whole year full
of blog you will see that the
grandfather had a heart attack
thru this. This has not been
an easy path. And right now,
it definitely isn't.

And C & B, you are a blessing.
You are so brave, I admire your
stamina, your faith, and courage
to continue matter what.
Hopefully some day, and hopefully
some day soon, these boys will
realize how much love it took.

Happy Anniversary, Doing it Again.

So go click on Doing it Again in my
links, read, and if you have a
spare pray, could you say one for


God's Helper said...

Thank you... I do hope that some one even if only one person can find something in what I share.

peppylady said...

Hi, I found your blogg via, technorati. Nice looking blog. I'm also a fellow Idahoain blogger. In Boundary County.