Friday, March 05, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog......

For the 5th birthday of this get a double header... one at 12am and one at 11a.m.

Thanks Dave and Marianne, who got me started on this...
it has been a heck of a ride...5 years of talking about everything....
angry, sad, happy, joyful.....soapbox...

So for the celebration have my Luau pictures...
and also at the end...what happen to the King
in Hawaii.


pig in the pit removal

the start of the hula guys and girls.....

The 3 guys who decided to enter the hula contest... guy in the middle won..

This is the audience member who were brave enough to come to the stage and learn
how to hula... the gal in the black dress in the front was a hoot...and no I didn't go..

Look at that big grin on the King's face.... and hers too, wonder..
did she see the calf of his leg?

Well, here it is... what happen to the King in Hawaii......
Why the grimace?

Our grandson had decided to get a Hawaiian tattoo while there. He found an
ad, that said there was a discount if there were two. Being the King had said
off and on over the years, that he thought he would get a tattoo on his calf,the
grandson hit him up for going with him. After a lot of talking the King agreed.
He had decided on a tiger... but as time got closer he was getting cold feet.
And Grandson was holding him to getting the tattoo, after all he said he would.
So I told him if he wanted to get a turtle on his calf, I would get a matching one.
He picked out a turtle he liked and we got ours at the same time, and this is the results...

Poppa, checking it out... grandson took it a lot better than Poppa did.

This looks a lot better now since it is 4 days old.

feeling bad for the King, I decided to get matching turtle on my calf too..
Why turtles? because it is the Hawaiian symbol of longevity, peace, humility
and the spirit within.,


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MarmiteToasty said...

love love love the tats...... but KING YOU ARE A SISSY lmfao