Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The next day

The next day was trying out different beaches....this one was would
have the surf slam dunk you against the rocks... I passed..

This is the beach I swam at, the water was calmerWe saw this tree next door to us....see the bananas?
When in the afternoon, the crew went with an underwater camera...I stayed home and filled out post cards and got ready for the rest of the day...
another beach, this is my daughter...

Number 1 son... enjoying the view

One of the big fish they saw.
This is some of the coral they was all over the beaches
There was a lot of people snokling at this beach
Granddaughter enjoying the water and fish
Number 4 son and our tour guide as he had been to the island 3 times before...

Grandson, who really love the swimming
There were a lot of fish, this is just a sample of the many kinds... and there were a lot
of colorful ones as well...

as you can see in this picture....

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Dimple said...

I think you may have had one of those perfect Hawaiian vacations with a family reunion thrown in for good measure! What a blessing!