Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This is Misty enjoying the weekend sun…
She is doing ok…

For those who don’t live close to us,
Misty, somehow, hurt herself.
she came to me a week ago Sat. and tried to jump
up on me to let me know she wanted
some attention. But couldn’t. So I lifted
her up. She cried. So I ran my fingers
across her body to see what part was
hurting. But nothing.

She wasn’t herself. She looked sad,
and walked around like someone was
yelling at her. And nothing we said or
did seem to perk her up.

Her internal system was working well.
But she didn’t come to the table
to beg. She just laid in her little bed.

So off to the Vets we went. She ran at
a trot around the Vet’s office, but she
was fretful. The Vet checked her from
stem to stern. And she said she thought
Misty had strained herself, or twisted
something… So we were given meds for her.

Here we are a week later and she still isn’t
herself. She does seem to be getting a tiny
bit better. Tiny bit. But she doesn’t greet
the King with wiggles and licking of his
face to the point of knocking off his hat.

So we are babying her. We carry her outside,
And pick her up. No more jumping up on
things, and no more run and jump off like
she thinks she can fly…

We don’t care that she won’t jump on things,
as we weren’t fond of that before. And the
same about her flying off of things. But we
couldn’t stop her, it was in her heart.
What we want is for her to be her perky self.
Her feistiness. The tug of wars with her toys.

So we wait and hope that this all returns.
As we know muscles take longer to heal than bones.


Dimple said...

It's tough when a pet hurts; they can't tell what hurts, or why. We just have to make the best guess we can. I hope Misty is feeling just like her old self very soon!

Betty said...

Misty is so cute! I hope she hasn't done any permanent damage.