Monday, July 04, 2016

4th of July 2016 ... Sandpoint, Idaho

boy scouts giving out flags...

 Republican ladies... in uniform..

 everyone getting ready for the start

giving instructions to please remove your hats and but your hand on your heart.. 
sad that someone has to tell us... 

Wendy Sater .. Grand Marshall  


 Sandpoint Foot ball team...

 Sandpoint High School cheerleaders...
 even have gypsy dancers...

 We are still a logging county

 As always the Shriner are here..

 Kate McAlister... our Democrat hopeful... come November State Representative

 Got to have horses

Polo players... brings back memories of my child hood

The U-Pick blueberry farm float.

And Della of the Lions Club (who puts this all on) selling the last of the raffle tickets

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