Thursday, July 14, 2016

The race is on…. But not today

I have been on baby watch for about 10 days… This
will be our 19th great grandchild.. (I see I need to up
date my front page).

The due date is actually the 13th… and for a while,today
We thought it was going to be a go, as we head to the
hospital.  But everything came to a screeching halt.
The kid… said.. “no way jose”…. Lol…  So we are back
on watch again.     I do the daytime Tuesday thru
Friday, as everyone else works on those days.
So back to square one …kind of ..  the baby is
dancing but he isn’t ready to appear yet.

By the way, it is the craziest thing… do you know in
our area, you can’t sign up for registration, UNTIL
the baby is coming.  If it is night time, you go to the
ER, but if it is daytime, you go to the registration
desk.  While Mom was in pain, she did make it thru
all the questions and sign off on all the papers.

You know… if I go in to get my leg amputated.. I can
give you the answers you need… and sign the papers.
If I am going to have my tonsils taken out, I can
talk to you, and sign the papers..  Or any other procedure.
But I am here to tell you.. from past experience of having    
been pregnant 7 times…  there is NO WAY IN HELL, I
am in any mood to talk to you, give you information, or
sign papers… you will be lucky to get my name.. and you
will be lucky if I don’t question your mother’s heritiage,
and a few other words that no one wants to hear
in a hospital lobby where the registration.   And I won’t
be whispering.    Had to be man who came up with that
policy change.


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