Monday, July 11, 2016

Life in the USA....

Life in the USA makes blogging harder…

There is no good news on the media of late.

With the shooting in Florida, the police

shooting of the blacks, and the blacks

shooting the police.. it is hard to be


Even though none of these things are

even close to our home town, it still

makes it hard to be happy and write

a lighthearted blog.

In my personal life, I have some ups

and downs.. We have a good friend who

just went thru open heart surgery and

he will be going home. As the King will

be going down to help him. He made

it thru the surgery just fine. So that is good.


And at home here, we are on a baby

watch for our great grand son who is

due on Wednesday.   So for us.. we have

happy news.

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