Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Bernie, Bernie, we thought we knew ya...

So Bernie Sanders has thrown in with the witchy woman???....
How sad… so sad…

So sad for those who believed in him… Those who stood in
The rain to see him… those who stood in all kinds of
weather to be able to vote for him in the primaries.
So sad for all those voters who are 18 to 28 who for
the first time believed in the man… that they counted.
How many of them … won’t vote in November… figuring
what is the use… things will never change… They thought
Bernie would have made the difference.

Why didn’t he stay?  He said he was in it to the end.
Did he lie?  He just as well, as slapped all those who
believed in him…….. too bad he didn’t believe in them.

After all, what would have been the worse that could
happen?  To go to the convention…. And let the vote
go…let those stand up and yell his name?   Let those
delegates sing his praises and name to the rafters?
What was the harm?  Sure the vote would be lopsided.
But who cares… the peoples votes counted… the people
who believed would have understood, if he conceded
after the first vote…  But now?  Why now?

And why, oh, why, did I think it would be different this
time?  Why did I think he had a back bone?  Because at
the end of the day…. Politics is always the same..

Bernie, I guess we didn’t know you at all… 


Betty said...

Bernie had to endorse Hillary because he wanted her to agree to certain things in the platform, and he had to endorse her because he lost and he wanted to make a speech at the convention, which he will. I don't know why anyone thought he was anything but the same politician he has been for decades. As for the young people who supported him, many of them probably wouldn't have shown up at the polls, in November anyway. They never do.

Word Tosser said...

I don't know, Betty, I think if Bernie had been chose (which I knew he wouldn't be, but owed it to the people who did believe in him) I think the kids would have shown up... because they thought he was the first one who cared about them... the rest have walked over the top of the young voters for years...