Thursday, August 25, 2011

I am truly baffled...

As I have written before… we, meaning the King and I, are the best
garbage compactor, you can’t buy. Those who read my post often, know that means we have an on going competition of who is going to take out the kitchen garbage to the cans in the bin outside. And in order not to be the one, you just push the garbage down in the can, just enough so the next person has to take the garbage out. Which could be up to at least 2 days, if you are good at it.. and we are. I know, I know, it is petty. But it is the principal of it.. And I will own up to it, I am the most petty of the two of us. How do I rate myself that? Well, the King has a saying, “inside work women’s work, and outside work is men’s work”. So one day when I insisted that he take out the garbage, as he was pushing it down… he repeated his words. To which I took the garbage bag out of the inside can, and tied it off… and put it outside on the back porch… looked at him.. said “well, it is outside now… men’s work”. I know, I know.. petty. This is all in good fun.. no one is mad at anyone.

But I have to say I am baffled about dishwashers. I looked in my instruction books from front to back and I did not see one place where a man’s hand can not work the door on such dishwasher. I get up in the morning (the King is up and gone by 4:30am and it is against my body functions to be up at that hour) and on the counter above the washer, is his dishes. This is just 4 inches away from the handle that opens the door to the washer. Same thing happens at night. UNLESS, I leave the door open after I put my dishes into it. Then he will put them in the washer. And
some times closes it. Sometimes not, as he says, “well, I didn’t know if you were done yet or not”.

And open, to take out the clean dishes…FORGETABOUTIT… not even going to there, girlfriend… but it sure would be nice if he put the dishes in.
Although one time… one time, he started it up… I about fainted.


MLove said...

I don't touch the dishwasher. I'm old school and wash my dishes by hand. Bill believes in dishwashers so he does all dishwasher duty. Thank God.

As for garbage, I had to chuckle after reading your comments on that "pushing down" trick. This morning when I said good morning, he was just coming inside from taking the garbage out, after I had "pushed down" for two days.

Looks like I've got you beat in both of those departments, which is nice.

Kay Dennison said...

I live alone so if I need a helping hand, I have to look at the end of my arm.

I don't a have a dishwasher. Since there's just me, a dishwasher seems silly.

That said, I used to be married and know how men can grate one's nerves re: housework.