Monday, August 15, 2011


On Saturday, August 13,2011, a very beautiful day, and a beautiful wedding.
The sun was in it’s full glory… and people started to gather at about 4:30pm.

Family was huge… as both sides have lots of sisters and brothers… and
They came to watch the baby of the family on both sides.. join these two
Great fun loving families together. And many friends gathered to fill up the chairs.

At about 10 after 6pm.. the music started… and then the second song came on… bumpa… bumpa… bumpa… BAD TO THE BONE… and every one either smiled or laugh… and the groom entered on his blue HARLEY DAVIDSON,
To the middle of the area… as he got off of the cycle, the music of HERE COMES THE BRIDE… was blending with the sound of another HARLEY DAVIDSON, as the bride entered on her pink and purple bike. As she
was walked to the alter area by her son. Who raised his hand, as he said..I do, to the question of, who gives this woman away. The son stepped back.

And the bride walked to the groom, handing off her bouquet to the maiden of honor.. The bride and groom faced each other …holding hands… and smiles of great joy. The ceremony was serious, and short.. and the exchange of rings… serious words, and then you may kiss the bride.
The bride and groom, walked to the blue HARLEY and the groom mounted the bike… which the bride mounted the bike facing the groom and off they rode together…

They appeared shortly after, and the party began. Pictures of the different sides as brothers and sisters step up to show who came to honor their sibling. Then the food, long lines of tables full of food, no one went home hungry.. but long hours of great conversations.. and laugher… with musicians showing up at 8pm… and the dancing started with great rock music… young and old danced the night away… pool playing inside the garage held court as the bar was open to those who wanted to have a drink or two…

The parents (I being one of them) decided to call it a night about 10ish. As some of the others were leaving with smaller children.. the conversation was all busy with words of praises of a great day, a great wedding, and so
much fun and laughter.. as the younger ones kept the party on until about 1am…

The bride and groom? There were so pleased with how wonderful it all went, just as they had plan it for the past several months… faces of great joy as they talked about everything and thanking all those who attended.

Yes, a great day indeed…

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Kay Dennison said...

Wayyyyyyyyyyyy cool!!!! I admire and respect such originality!!!! Many happy years to the happy couple.

Should I ever marry again -- which I sincerely doubt -- I think I'd like to do so in an equally creative fashion.

Then again, I highly doubt anyone would want the cranky old broad that I am and that's okay,