Thursday, August 04, 2011

So I missed a day....

I had good intention and you know how that goes..
Night before, I didn’t have much on my mind and figured
I would get something to write about in the morning..

But morning came and I was up early, and was excited.
Nope, not about the blog, but about a delivery. They
delivered my Texdeck material. So it was musical chairs
with vehicles, so they could get the delivery truck in.

Then it was one thing and another, and the next thing I
knew.. the day was over. BUT my deck is half done. AND
my pergola is done. The end of projects is in sight.

Slowly we are getting our yard back. The table is under the
pergola with its chairs. And we got to sit there tonight and look
around and see what we have done and felt great. Just as I
had envision. I love it when a plan comes together…

Once we get the materials that are left over, out of the yard,
and things cleaned up.. it will all come to life for me..
The kitchen is done.. and it is just as I had in my mind
this Spring. And we did it all with local merchants and
workers. We kept the money local.

I told the King, come December, we will be almost broke,
But we got some neat stuff.. and come winter, and the snow
comes, I can look out my French door and see my deck and
smile. I can cook up a great dinner and enjoy visiting with
friends thru the opening we put in. I can cook at the stove and
enjoy all the daylight coming in thru the doors and windows.
Boy, life is good. And I am a week away from finished projects.
For this year… :-)

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