Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I don't know which one is worse...

You all are idiots… you pound your chest as you run up and down the aisle in Congress touting how great your party is… and ha ha we won… you lost… You seem to think it is all about your party. That is all 3 of your parties… because Democrats did it when they won, the Republicans did it when they won, and now we have the Tea Party blowing like a whale hole.

It isn’t, so called ladies and gentlemen..( because you aren’t acting like ladies and gentlemen). You are acting like pompous asses. Get your head out of your backsides..
IT IS A ABOUT AMERICA… IT IS ABOUT AMERICANS… THE COUNTRY.. NOT political parties… so get over yourselves.

Get back to work for what you are suppose to be doing there. Protecting the AMERICAN PUBLIC. Not by throwing money.. pull in your spending, get jobs going.

Start off with downsizing yourselves…you have asked us to do it for years.
You set off the rolling ball of cutting back wages.. Let’s start with yours. Give up 10% of your wages…give up 10% of your benefits (still not as much as the country is giving up). Get rid of the lobbyist. Ring in the companies who ran to other countries to make products… and run under our flag for tax breaks.. Any American company who makes a product out of the country, should have to abide by the same rules as the companies at home. For wages, rules and regs. And if it isn’t made here, they you pay the tariffs and taxes like any foreign country does…Because it IS made outside of our nation. You don’t make it here.. you don’t provide jobs, HERE .. you don’t deserve an breaks…

Let’s make it once again about us… Companies that don’t want to go by
the rules our companies do here.. can buy back the buildings they dumped and make it here. And countrymen, buy American.. as you have seen on television news all you have to do is buy a couple of things American made. IN THE USA.. it makes a big difference… and will boost the economy more than anything else. So start thinking about AMERICANS, Congress. Forget your petty stuff…

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