Monday, August 29, 2011

The Wind and Fools....

Coming from hurricane country myself, I know
you have to have a lot of respect for it..
You don’t try to beat the hurricane.. it just isn’t
wise. The worse part is that these fools endanger
other people …good hearted people, because they
have to go out and try to rescue these fools.

It is one thing to go and watch a storm.. but you
do it from a safe distance. Being on the shore,
on the rocks near by, is just down right stupid..
Not dumb.. but stupid. And that is why we ended
up with dead people. 90 percent of the people who
die in a hurricane could have been prevented.

But no, the fools think they can drive thru it.
Don’t heed the weather report. Think the warnings
are for other people.

Trees can be replanted, houses can be rebuilt.
It is material things.. give it up.. if you can’t take
it with you while you run for higher ground.. leave
it behind..You have plenty of warning.. the Weather
Service is quite good at predicting these things.
And usually with 4 days to a week warning.

Yes, sometimes the hurricane does go out to
sea, but it is better to go, and be safe than sorry.

So when I see television reports being blown side
ways or what ever.. (think Dan Rather about 10 years
ago) I think what stupid person would risk their lives
just to show the wind and rain?
Surely they must think more about their children and
family, because that station could care less if you end up
in the hospital or worse, because you decided to hang on
to a lamp post to show how much wind is blowing..

Or your family could care less if you have a great picture
of the wind and rain, that is in your camera.. when they
claim your belongings.. Get real people.. life is too fragile to waste it

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