Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Does your Congressperson care about you?

So here we are, August 2, 2011… the showdown to the last minute, and the House has voted overwhelmingly(by over 100 votes) to raise the debt ceiling.. and probably by the time this comes up on my blog, the Senate will have passed it as well.

I knew it would pass, that was never a question in my mind. And I refused,as I posted earlier in July, to be held hostage by our Congress. I was not going to change anything, I was not going to sell my things. I was going and I did live my life, day to day as I would have any other time.

I knew it would pass because the Republican party was not going to carry the blame of the SS checks, Troops checks, and etc bounce or not be written at all.. And the Democrats certainly were not going to take the blame as well. The Tea Party tried to hold everyone up… Congress, the nation, the stock market, as they posture with how they were going to run things. To the point of even telling the old timer Congressmen, that their time was done and they should quit. Republicans against Republicans…

So my question is… why in the hell didn’t they do this a month or more ago? The same reasons are there, nothing has changed that they couldn’t do it then. So why did they let the Stock market dive, ruin some people’s lives; send many more into anxiety attacks? Why? It wasn’t because they couldn’t have talked to each other before. So while they fiddled in Washington, D.C. showing what idiots they could be, we had to sit here and watch.

My question to you is… do you think Congress cares about the country? My loud and clear answer is no…hell no. Other wise they would have made this decision a long time ago. With out trying a power play that no one won.

Think about that, next election day… I don’t care what state you live in.

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